Halloween III – A Bondage Movie – The Return of the Mummy

The Prisoner has no cause to celebrate Halloween. He’s still trapped in The Captor’s lair. October has become Locktober and a mummification is about to take place.

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Hood – A Bondage Movie – Part 2

b29 part 2 video thumbnail

The Captor turns The Prisoner into a fully rubber encased bondage art installation…complete with a new and terrifying rubber hood…plus a little E-Stim electro torment to stop The Prisoner getting bored…

Watch the full movie at https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hood-a-bondage-movie-part-2-38800491

Rubber Convert – Full Movie Edition

BB17 Full Movie Video Thumbnail

A football player is kidnapped, tied up, brainwashed and forced to face his future as a rubber bondage drone.

This is a full length edition of the ‘Rubber Convert’ two part bondage movie previously uploaded in 2017.

Watch the full video at https://thisvid.com/videos/rubber-convert-movie-edition/