Video – ‘Rugby Player Abducted and Chained’

This rugby player should have been at training but instead he was abducted, chained, rubber hooded and ballgagged wearing only his padded under armour gear.

Click HERE to visit xtube and view the full 27 minute video!


Click HERE to visit xtube and view the full 27 minute video!

Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 83 (Football Special)

There are plenty of fit footballers out there who should be kidnapped, roped or chained and then put on display wearing only their soccer strips…

…full shiny nylon kits are a must…


…although shorts only is always a good look…


…this soccer player fancies himself a little too much…he needs to be kidnapped and roped REALLY tightly…


….Theo Walcott (on the left) would be a prize kidnap victim…


…football shorts tend to be made from thin and revealing material…constant adjustments are required to ensure modesty is maintained…this footballer’s hands need to be tied behind his back…


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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 82 (Under Armour Special)

Guys who flaunt their bodies wearing only tight and revealing under armour should definitely be kidnapped, restrained and then displayed for all to see. After all, that’s clearly what they want…isn’t it?

Look at this guy! He’s not even in a gym and yet he’s stripped down to his skintight shorts. He’s just asking to be abducted, chained up and displayed.


This guy also seems to have lost his way to the gym. Luckily, something in his tight shorts seems to be pointing the way.


Bulging muscles…bulging shorts…


His Nike Pro Combat shorts suggest that he’s ready for action…


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Interlude No. 3 – ‘Loan Repaid’


Little did Shane know, his parents had leveraged his freedom to get a bank loan.  Under Black Rule Law a white minor was the PROPERTY of his parents and they had the right to sell him as such.  So, today, on the eve of his 18th birthday, the bank decided to call in the loan.

Shane had given himself  a hard session at the gym. He’d pushed himself till he hurt. He’d then taken his shirt off and stripped down to his running shorts ready for a few laps of the running track.

His shorts were black and tight. They showed off his tight bubble butt and there was a pleasing bulge round the front. He enjoyed wearing them. He enjoyed the admiring glances he’d get from girls (and boys) on the running track. He never wore anything under them. He enjoyed the feeling of the tight silky material clinging to his body. And he enjoyed the sensation of almost nakedness when he ran. It felt dangerous.

Shane stood in front of the mirror in the changing room and admired his tight, smooth, muscled body. He then found his way to the track and started to run.

Later, dripping with sweat, he worked his way back to the changing room. It was empty. What happened next was quick and terrifying.

He’d removed his running shoes and socks and was about to pull his shorts down and strip for a shower when he sensed movement behind him. Before he could react, a plastic bag was forced over his head. There was some sort of cloth in the bag which much have been soaked with chloroform. He’d struggled desperately, hands gripped his body and held him firm.

‘Easy, boy, this won’t take long…’

A voice? He felt his hands being pulled behind his back and then…

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 78 (Shorts Special 2)

Guys who can wear shorts properly (especially skintight little lycra shorts) deserve to be kidnapped, restrained and then have their shorts clad bodies displayed for all to see…

…when this guy was pulling on his shorts that morning he must have noticed how he looked…and he must have realised that everyone else was going to notice as well…


…in the 80s, everyone wore these little shorts without the slightest hint of shame…they were called ‘nutcrunchers’…can you see why?…


…the express on this guy’s face is clearly saying, ‘Yep, I know I look good in these shorts…and you know I look good as well…’


…I suggest a football kit redesign…boots, socks and shin pads as normal…no shirt and much tighter shorts…something like this…


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