‘#garagesale’ – a bondage movie – coming soon…

‘The Prisoner’ has been stored and secured by bondage master ‘The Captor’.

Ropes, a rubber hood, an inflatable gag, white noise sensory deprivation and a noose around his neck prevent him from even attempting escape.

But is ‘The Prisoner’ about to go on a long journey?

‘garagesale’ – a bondage movie – coming soon to https://vimeo.com/heavybondage

Story – ‘How To Teach A Straight Boy A Lesson’ Part 1

I think the most important thing I could possibly tell you is that I’m straight.

The idea of anything involving my asshole or another guy’s cock repulses me beyond imagination. I like pussy, end of story. I’ve always been attracted to cute little blonde girls, and the more the let me walk all over them the better. Unfortunately, I seem to go through girlfriends faster than a roll of Charmin.

Anyways, one girl I dated for a while was named Maggie. She was about 5’2″ with bleach blonde hair and a nice rack, so basically my type. We met at the local bar, Twenty Two, one of my favorite haunts, and ended up going back to my place. Needless to say, it was a good night if you know what I mean. After that, we kept seeing each other for a while, but then I met Alexa — who had way better boobs and a smaller waist. I was pysched, Alexa was into me, right off the bat we started sleeping together, and Maggie was out of the picture.

Or so I thought.

I was meeting Alexa at Twenty Two for drinks and hopefully taking her back to my apartment afterward. I had on a pair of nice, dark jeans, a light blue button-up with a white T-shirt underneath, and my most expensive brown leather shoes. My long, dark hair hung around my face in perfectly messy waves, and even in the low light of the bar my bright blue eyes stood out from my tanned skin. I knew I looked good, and Alexa obviously realized it too.

She was sitting up at the bar, sipping at some fruity cocktail that was inevitably going on my tab, looking smoking hot in this little black number I couldn’t even begin to describe. My cock nearly jumped for joy at the very sight of her. I got into the seat next to her, ordered some vodka on the rocks, and just when I was about to start sweet-talking her, she put her hand over mine.

“Seth,” she said quietly, a devious smile on her lips. “Let’s not waste our time here, alright? Come on. Let’s go back to your place.”

Magic words. I instantly leapt off my seat like my ass had been burned, grabbed her arm and steered her out the front door. We’d just passed the convenience store nearby when two pairs of arms reached out from a dark alley and pulled me in.


I, obviously, shrieked in terror like a little girl as they threw me to the ground. A swift kick to the gut had me gasping for breath but successfully shut me up. One of the pairs of hands wrestled my arms behind my back and handcuffed them there. My panic only increased, my screams resuming.
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Story – ‘Homecoming Part 1’


As consciousness returned, I remembered what had happened and tried to sit up – I couldn’t. I found I could barely move a muscle. My arms were tied tightly behind me; I felt something tied tight around my ankles, my knees and even my thighs. My wrists were secured and my elbows were pulled painfully tight together in the small of my back. My head was enclosed in something, the smell was familiar, but I couldn’t place it. My mouth felt stuffed full of something soft, springy but tough and I could barely swallow. The contraption blindfolded me – it must have been a hood of some sort over my head.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 1 – Repost

It had been a bet. That’s all. Only a few hours ago Marcus had been joking around with a few of his mates in the pub. It now looked like he was going to spend the next two weeks in total bondage.

While they were drinking at the pub the topic of conversation had somehow changed from last night’s football match to talk of kidnapping and being kept prisoner.

It had come about because a couple of his mates were gay (he’d known them for years, it had never been a problem) and they were saying how they like to kidnap David Beckham and keep him prisoner for a few days. Marcus had said there was no way they could abduct Beckham without anyone seeing.

His two mates, Martin and Adam, had glanced at each other and said they’d got methods which would work.

Marcus, who’d had a couple too many drinks at this point, had challenged them and said they couldn’t do it.

Once again Martin glanced at Adam. Adam followed up Marcus’s challenge by saying maybe not but perhaps they’d be able to kidnap Marcus with little or no fuss and keep him prisoner for a while.

Marcus – drunk, obviously – had said okay. He was off work for the next couple of weeks. If they could kidnap him at any point in the next fortnight then they could keep him prisoner for any length of time up to the point he was due to go back to work.
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Story – ‘Dave’s Punishment’

A ticklish straight uncut 19 year old tennis instructor named Dave suffers through an intense tickle punishment and orgasm denial as a lesson for getting to touchy-feely with his male 18 year old pupil.

Dave’s Punishment
by Eddie

The match had left Dave feeling alive and ready for anything. Life was good; he’d recently been promoted to Senior Tennis Coach at the club – at 19, the youngest ever. He loved the game so much that he thought he’d do it even if he didn’t get paid for it – a lot. He was young, good-looking, had managed to buy a nice house in a good part of town and, although he lived alone, he had many admirers and some very interesting friends.

Dave was happy. As he’d been jogging home, he’d been thinking about what to wear when he went out to the club tonight – and it wasn’t until he put his key in the lock of his front door that he realized he was no longer alone. He heard a footstep behind him. Startled, he began to turn, and suddenly everything went black as a loose canvas hood was dropped over his head. His arms were seized and handcuffed behind him and his legs were strapped together – all this before he knew what was happening. He heard the door opening and then felt himself lifted and carried through into his house.

Struggling and shouting, he was taken upstairs and dumped onto his bed. Then, while being held helpless by several pairs of hands, he was strapped spead-eagled and face up, to the corners of the bed. Next, his trainers and socks were removed. All he was wearing now was his jogging shorts – not even underwear (he’d got a thing about shorts and took every opportunity to wear them with nothing underneath).

During all of this, Dave had struggled to get free and shouted blue murder into the hood. Who were these people? What was happening? Was he about to be robbed – or killed? He lay trembling on the bed, unable to see anything and not knowing what was going to happen to him. He was still trying to get free but he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to get out of his restraints. He was stretched out on the big double bed and couldn’t move an inch.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 58

This smooth white speedo boy should be kidnapped and made to suffer a prolonged period of  captivity and bondage…

…he should be tied up like this…

…or like this…

…or like this…

…or he should be cuffed, collared and hooded and made to wear skintight PVC like this…

…or he should be completely stripped and made to endure harsh and painful stress bondage like this…

…how would you restrain him?

More bondage badness over at http://heavybondage.tumblr.com/