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The looks of frustration and resignation on this guy’s face as the restraints go on are just perfect…





Story – ‘Tim, the Ticklish Skater Punk’

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Posted this story a couple of time before. Posting it again because I always really enjoy it!


I’d been watching him for several weeks now. Gliding by with his buddies he’d be, in a white T-shirt and khaki shorts, baggy, coursing elegantly over the corporate cement. I’d be hangin’ out on Saturdays, reading a novel, smoking cigarettes in the late spring warmth, thoroughly enjoying these young studs’ skate stunts (until the goddamn corporation cracked down later that year and put up signs and more security to drive them off). Several were quite nice-looking, but one stood out. About five-nine, jet-black hair of average length, heavy-boned frame, and, around his neck, oddly, a very-seventies shark tooth on a black leather cord. The young hunk was broad-shouldered and clearly well-built; he distracted me often from my book.

As I had decided to be more bold with my interest in good-looking, athletic, cocky young men, specifically desiring to explore my paternal disciplinary instincts, and the possibility of persuading one of these smirky, arrogant skatepunks into bondage and boyish tortures, I determined to strike up a conversation with this guy. . .eventually.

Weekend after weekend, the skatepunks did their moves. I did nothing.

But today, I’d noticed him looking over at me a few times, with what appeared to be. . .interest. (Naw, impossible. . .)

Then. . .suddenly, there he was, rocketing his board my way. My favorite skatepunk. When he got within twenty feet, I saw his eyes were locked on mine. . .he glided up, snapped the board’s end down suddenly, snagged his chariot up and padded over the grass to me.
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Protective Cup Gag

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I really like what’s going on in these pictures! Can someone tell me where I can get a protective cup with straps like the one being used on the lucky guy in these gifs? There are lots of protective cups available from various sites but none with the straps.






Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 10

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Tom was not normally self-conscious…but as he walked around the gym he was acutely aware of his near nakedness…of the cameras placed behind the mirrors at all parts of the room…of the eyes of Yohan Black, the powerful muscled black athlete who was chained to the wall behind him in a tight spreadeagle, which followed his every move.

Tom guessed that Yohan, like himself, was wondering exactly what would happen now…how exactly they were going to be training partners when one of them was securely restrained and unable to move.

Suddenly, bizarrely, everything clicked for Tom. His near nakedness, his skintight white speedo, the fact that there was a Jamaican athlete chained to the wall behind him:  these things were instantly forgotten. Tom was in a gym…and he was going to train.
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Video – The Prisoner in Customised England Rugby Kit Spreadeagle Torture

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The Prisoner spent more time in a punishing tight spreadeagle wearing England Canterbury rugby strip customised with 80s style black nylon school P.E. shorts and tight black PVC shorts. The Prisoner was silenced with a large penis gag and further punished by being made to wear a black gas mask with the eyes blocked or a tight rubber zip-up hood. Here’s the link to the video…

rugby 2 15

rugby 2 18

rugby 2 07

rugby 2 05

Rugby GIF 01

Click HERE to view the video on X Tube…

Interlude No. 3 – ‘Loan Repaid’

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Little did Shane know, his parents had leveraged his freedom to get a bank loan.  Under Black Rule Law a white minor was the PROPERTY of his parents and they had the right to sell him as such.  So, today, on the eve of his 18th birthday, the bank decided to call in the loan.

Shane had given himself  a hard session at the gym. He’d pushed himself till he hurt. He’d then taken his shirt off and stripped down to his running shorts ready for a few laps of the running track.

His shorts were black and tight. They showed off his tight bubble butt and there was a pleasing bulge round the front. He enjoyed wearing them. He enjoyed the admiring glances he’d get from girls (and boys) on the running track. He never wore anything under them. He enjoyed the feeling of the tight silky material clinging to his body. And he enjoyed the sensation of almost nakedness when he ran. It felt dangerous.

Shane stood in front of the mirror in the changing room and admired his tight, smooth, muscled body. He then found his way to the track and started to run.

Later, dripping with sweat, he worked his way back to the changing room. It was empty. What happened next was quick and terrifying.

He’d removed his running shoes and socks and was about to pull his shorts down and strip for a shower when he sensed movement behind him. Before he could react, a plastic bag was forced over his head. There was some sort of cloth in the bag which much have been soaked with chloroform. He’d struggled desperately, hands gripped his body and held him firm.

‘Easy, boy, this won’t take long…’

A voice? He felt his hands being pulled behind his back and then…

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 80 (Tight Jeans Special)

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Wearing a pair of jeans, like wearing shorts, is a skill which only some people can do really well…especially these days with jeans getting fashionably tighter again. These guys have mastered it…and so they deserve to be kidnapped, tied up tight and then exhibited for all to see…

…tight jeans…needs tight ropes…


‘What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monsterrrrrrr?’


Shirtless with abs which are clearly polished on a regular basis…a good look!


Another shot for the collection of shirtless Facebook profile pics…and why not?


‘I just need to show a little more v-line…’

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