#blackmail – prologue

‘The Prisoner’ has been blackmailed and will be spending an, as yet, undefined period of time in extreme chain bondage.

Watch this to find out why…

Escape Challenge 15 – ‘#blackmail’ prologue from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.





9 thoughts on “#blackmail – prologue

  1. Wow!! Great vid!! Very dark and atmospheric!! Love your captor’s mask. Eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

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  2. Great video! Can’t wait to see what will happen. Your videos are amazing, can’t believe they’re all self bondage… Have you considered doing a video with duct tape

    • Glad you like them. However, they’re not self bondage any more. My last video (Escape Challenge 14 on Vimeo) where I’m wearing the black Adidas top and black Umbro soccer shorts is the real deal and I’m genuinely being kept chained up. And the new one (Escape Challenge 15) will also be real time captivity where I’m genuinely chained up with no release. That’s actually happening today so I’m quite nervous at the moment. Look out for photos and the video over the coming days/weeks.
      And at the weekend, I’m going to be mummified head to toe with black pallet wrap and duct tape so watch out for photos from that. Shit scared at the thought of that happening but it’s on my ‘bucket list’ so I’m going to go for it!!

      • You’ll love mummification, as long as you can let go mentally. Would love to see a video of your captivity in it, if it’s not too much trouble for your captor.

  3. Looking forward to the video! Didn’t realize the countdown was for your scene, but good luck during.

    Would also love to see video of you struggling during your mummification if possible. As long as you can let go mentally and just “float” in the bondage, you’ll love it.

    • Yep. 5-6 hours in heavy chain bondage starting around mid-day. Definitely getting cold feet now.
      My first time mummification at the weekend will be recorded…and I’m sure there will be struggling.
      Likewise with my chain captivity scenes, there’ll be a no release barring emergencies agreement in place. Really hoping I will be able to find my mental calm space.
      Unfortunately, looking at videos and photos like this…

      …is currently freaking me out because having only a nose hole is what I’ve agreed to…and that’s pretty much how I’ll look when my mummification is complete. Sigh…

      • #1 rule with mummification is to focus on your breathing. As long as you can breathe, you’ll be fine. And hydrate well/use the loo beforehand.

        You’ll heat up, you’ll sweat, you’ll panic, you’ll tense up from not being able to move, you’ll get bored/frustrated, you’ll panic some more, but as long as you remember to breathe in, breathe out, you should be able to find a good headspace.

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