Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up and Gagged – Part 75 (Special Christmas Slightly Drunk Edition)

This bunch of smooth, toned, white boys needs to be tied up because…..because….oh fuck it, who wouldn’t want to see them all tied up…or chained up…or both…anyway, here goes….

…this guy’s appeared on the internet a few times (mostly in a photoshopped photo where his waist has been made to look unrealistically small and the bulge in his shorts and his ass unrealistically big)…now, strictly speaking, I’m not gay myself (‘really’, you all chorus in disbelief), I definitely swing both ways, girls for ‘you know what’ but fit guys for bondage…but this guy is clearly gay, no straight guy wears shorts like that out in public without knowing exactly what’s going on and what they’re doing…unless they’re athletes…but that’s a whole other kettle of sardines…gaaaaaaaay…tie him up…


…and I like this shot because even though it’s not posed, it quite clearly shows off what a bondage tempting body he has…and dripping wet shiny smooth skin is always good…he knows exactly what he’s doing…gaaaaaaay…tie him up…


…this guy doesn’t seem to have a face…but let’s be honest…who cares? And he also seems to have left his underwear at home…or is he carrying it in his hand? Once again, gaaaaaaaaaaay…tie him up…


…look at this guy…he has an expression on his face that says, ‘Look at my body, I’m perfect and also sexy’…what he’s actually saying is ‘Look at me, I’m a twat’…and he seriously needs to pull his shorts up…put your pubes away, fella…kids today, eh!!…having said that, the minute I have abs like that, I’m getting my body out and posting it on tumblr…gaaaaaay (him, not me, honest)…tie him up…


…this guy has the prettiest face and the cutest smile…he obviously loves himself  just that little bit too much…gaaaaaaay…tie him up…then shove a great big ballgag in that cute mouth and pull a skintight rubber hood over his pretty boy looks…take away his power…


…’ooooooh look, I’m in black and white, I’m all moody and mysterious…and look at my pubes, I have three’….seriously, if I’d have done this when I was at school, I’d have had the shit kicked out of me…gaaaaaay…..tie him up…


…’I’ve just noticed that my shorts don’t have any pockets…doesn’t matter…I’ll shove my hands deep inside them, instead, and pretend that I’m cool and have ‘swag’ whilst at the same time taking the opportunity to play with my cock and balls’…silly fucker…gaaaaaaaaay…tie him up…


…….’ha haaaaaaaa….I’m naked and I have a big ball between my legs….that’s because I have big balls between my legs….do you see what I did there? I’m so subtle and witty’……gaaaaaaay…tie him up…


…oh, for fuck’s sake, Tom Daley, we know what you look like, and you know what you look like, so why do you keep teasing the world? Although, to be honest, it makes a pleasant change not to see you in a tiny little speedo (seriously though, your speedos are smaller than all the other athletes, you know that, don’t you?). Anyway…pull your pants up, Tom…gaaaaaaaaay (although not proven)….tie him up….definitely…


…now…to business…how exactly would we like to tie up this group of perfect male specimens? Let’s have a look…

…like this? Simple…shirt off…blue jeans…gagged…definitely looking unhappy with the fact he’d agreed to do some bondage modelling…


…or like this…you wouldn’t complain if you found that under the Christmas tree…although, me personally, I’d put more rope around his upper arms and jam a good sized ballgag in his mouth…and then add some crotch ropes around his waist and between his legs…and then put a hood on him, something tight and rubbery…and restrict his breathing…and put him in a cage…okaaaaayyyy…need to calm down now…


…I don’t normally post naked bondage…but I like this one…and in the real world, those ropes wouldn’t hold him for sixty seconds…add a pair of handcuffs, for fuck’s sake…


…lycra’s good…lycra’s tight…lycra shows off bulges in all the right places…I’m aiming to look like this one day…and when I do…tumblr will quake…


…and here’s the same lycra clad guy in a hogtie…but it’s not a hogtie is it?? Tie his wrists to his ankles and do it properly, for fuck’s sake…




…double ouch…


…’hello, mum’…


…I wanna try this…


…and seriously, I really wanna try this…someone contact me…


…and here are some gratuitous shots of me, just for the hell of it…




radical 01


Oh, and for those of you who complain that I don’t update every week. Fuck off!! When did I ever say I was going to update every week?? I update whenever I feel horny and whenever I have enough material. So, I say again, fuck off!! If you’re not happy then go and find some other free shit on some other website.

And yes, the ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ story will keep coming. However, it doesn’t write itself and it doesn’t happen over night. I have to find time and the inclination. Nevertheless, there are a few chapters on the way including one following VERY soon. So keep an eye out! Look out for the bit with the drain/manhole cover/whatever the Americans call it coming up in a few chapters time. It’s a little bit ‘Dirty Harry’, or was it ‘Dirty Harry 2’. Nevertheless, it’s evil, even by my standards.

Merry Christmas, all!!

14 thoughts on “Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up and Gagged – Part 75 (Special Christmas Slightly Drunk Edition)

  1. I really love your blog, I know I’m not your usual fan (hetro female into BDSM, latex, domination) but love seeing your pics and really enjoying your Tom story. Having written kinky stories myself I appreciate the effort that goes into writing them.

    So thanks!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thank you for your kind comments. This site is meant for anyone with an interest in bondage…although there is clearly a bit of a bias. Nevertheless, I’m glad you enjoy it. You sound like a very interesting person to know.
      The story writing can be difficult. The ideas tend to come all at once and then I’ll have a dry spell for a few months. At the moment, I’m good for at least another couple of chapters…certainly up to the point when Tom will receive ‘punishment’ for his earlier ‘spillage’ in his black rubber speedo.
      So please keep reading them and I hope you enjoy them…and leave comments whenever you feel so inclined.
      Thank you.

  2. Good for you. Writing doesn’t just pour out like a faucet, on tap upon request. It must be kneaded and rested to rise until it is ready to become a full-blown story. And some just fall out of the brain ready to go. I subscribe and take them as they come.

    • Good analogy. I like it. And so true.
      Long time followers will know that I have another story on the go – ‘The Bet’. Currently, there are 7 chapters available. I do have plans to continue that story but currently the Tom Daley storyline is keeping me busy. The interest in it has really surprised me.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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