Story – ‘Tom Daley – Kidnap Victim’ Part 2

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Tom Daley lay face down in his cold metal coffin like prison. He had given up struggling. There was no possibility of escape. Duct tape kept his limbs securely bound and straps locked him to the inside of the casket in which he was being kept prisoner. He wore only his tight blue training speedo.

Tom could move his head from side to side but that was the only movement which his restraints would allow.

Tom lay still and concentrated on breathing through his nostrils. He was unable to take in air through his mouth. It had been stuffed with one of his speedos and the layers of duct which had been wrapped around his head held it firmly in place. The speedo tasted of chlorine.  It had been taken straight from his training bag and had not been washed.

His balls ached. Because he was lying full length and face down on the hard metal base of his tiny prison, they were being crushed between his body and the firm, cold surface. He wriggled as best as he could to achieve some sort of comfort but his restraints held him tight.

Tom waited. He was scared. The urge to panic remained but he worked hard to control it. There was no point in struggling. He focussed on conserving his energy. If the chance to escape came he needed to be ready.
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Story – ‘Tom Daley – Kidnap Victim’

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Tom Daley hung in chains. He was naked apart from the tight, blue speedo which he had worn whilst he had been training at his pool.

His wrists were shackled and held somewhere high above his head. His arms were pulled painfully tight. His shoulder muscles complained as they supported the weight of his entire body. His feet dangled inches above a cold, concrete, dirty floor.

He could barely make a sound. Another of his training speedos had been stuffed in his mouth and was held in place with several layers of duct tape which had been wrapped several times over his mouth and around his head.

A camera flash repeatedly dazzled him as the harsh, unblinking eye of a camera repeatedly took his photo.

Somewhere behind the camera, Tom could just about make out the figure of one of his kidnappers. He was muscular and wore tight black leather jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket…he also wore a black gas mask. His face was hidden other than the dim suggestion of eyes seen through the circular eye pieces…
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Video – Still Tied to the Chair

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The Prisoner wore a shiny nylon McKenzie hoodie, football socks and boots and a pair of slightly too tight shiny blue nylon football shorts.

His wrists were tied behind his back and his arms were roped to his upper body. He was placed on a wooden chair and his ankles, knees and thighs were tied to the chair legs.

A large ballgag and a blacked out gas mask were used to very effectively silence the Prisoner as can be seen in the video.

He was then left to struggle and ‘enjoy’ his captivity.

The full 13 minutes video can be seen at


Watch the full 13 minute video at

Story – ‘A Day in Hell’

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Here’s a classic story from…


the moment i walked into Mark’s den i could tell i was in for much more than i had bargained for. between the den and the study was a large, open, double-sized entry way cut into the wall. i immediately noticed that four big, heavy eye-hooks had been screwed into it’s frame at each of the four corners. there were four lengths of heavy clothesline running through each of the loops in these eyehooks. four thick leather straps hung from one end of each of these ropes. the ropes were threaded through the hoops and then fed to winches which had been installed into the top and bottom at the midpoints of the doorframe. the straps nearest the floor were fed to the bottom winch and conversely, the straps near the ceiling to the top winch.
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This Is On My Bucket List…

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Forget ropes and a pathetic tape gag. This is how a kidnap victim should be stored…


hazel_02_13 hazel_02_02 hazel_02_03

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Video – Ropes, Shiny Shorts and a Gas Mask

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There’s five minutes of the chair tied, gas mask wearing, ballgagged soccer player struggling for freedom over at

Full video coming to soon!


Shorts too tight?

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What do you think?

chair collage


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