Story – ‘My First Experience’

When I was young we lived in a largish village, and we had one of the larger houses. It was on a corner site, with a large garden and an old-fashioned kitchen with a big old range. It was about as far from the local police station as was possible. My father was an easy going type and knew everyone in the village. Our back kitchen was a favorite spot for the coppers to have their meal breaks – it avoided the trek back to the station. And, on a cold winter night at 2 am they knew exactly how to find their way into our kitchen and its welcoming fire! So, when I came home from school of a winter’s evening there was often one of the local coppers in the kitchen enjoying his tea. This was in the days before government cuts when there were a lot more coppers. There is but one in the village nowadays.

I always got on well with them, perhaps because they were on my territory: but I was always a little in awe of them. Although they were friendly they were still, to me, very much figures of authority: and still are. This view was much heightened when I met them in the street. There, in those days, they were authority personified. When they started wearing handcuffs in pouches on public display it made the authority aspect much more real for me. I made several half-hearted attempts to get the coppers in our kitchen to put their cuffs (or ‘bolts’ as they called them) on me – without success. This naturally only increased the attraction.

As I grew up a crowd of we young lads got into the tying-up games, and this lasted with a few of us into our late teens (and beyond!). Ropes, straps, handcuffs and a few minor leather gadgets, even a hood – it was very good fun, but I think the sexual overtones were then a minor consideration and we had to exercise great care. One day in a magazine I saw an article about an escapologist. It had two photos of him in a straitjacket. My heart took a leap. That looked interesting! I couldn’t explain why, it just did. So I went to the library and got out books on Houdini etc and found out as much as I could. Then on TV I saw an act with a straitjacket and my interest was doubled. But, I knew no way to find one, or anyone with one.
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Photo Gallery – ‘Hogtied’

Nothing like a good tight hogtie for making a prisoner feel both secure and completely helpless at the same time…

These photos were all taken from the internet and credit where credit is due. If you own any of these photos and would like them credited or removed then please contact me directly.

Story – ‘Jacketed’

My fascination with straight jackets stemmed right back to my childhood. Ever since I had stood, at the age of eleven, watching an escape artist in my local town square being strapped into one, I had found it impossible not to get excited when the word ‘straight jacket’ was mentioned.
The way the jacket trapped the artist, and all those buckles up the back. I was transfixed. Every now and again, the excitement would return as I caught glimpses of escape artists on TV, and reached a high when the film of Houdini was screened on TV. I researched as much as I could, reading about the use of straight jackets to secure ‘mentally disturbed’ and the life of Houdini himself. I longed to have the life of an escape artist, being strapped into the jacket day in day out. I even considered trying to convince my family that I was mad, so that I could be locked up in a padded room wearing my very own jacket twenty-four hours a day.
It was a dream, but nothing more than that. I never told anybody about my fascination. I didn’t think that anybody would understand. I just passed it off as one of those things in life that I would grow out of. I just got on with my life. I still collected as much information as I could, and even found myself collecting pictures of my other fascination, namely motorcycle clothing. This also gave me a great deal of satisfaction. Pictures of leather clad people, shiny wet weather wear all went in my scrapbook. I never tired of looking at them, and they always gave me a hard on every time I looked at them. Can’t explain why, but they just did.

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Photo Gallery – ‘Gimped Up’

So what’s the appeal of going into full on gimp mode?

Is it the sensation of having skintight rubber or leather clinging to every single part of the body? Is it the complete loss of identity which comes from being encased top to toe in a skintight black shiny material? Or is it the pure objectification which comes from being fully rubbered up, bondaged up and then turned into someone’s rubber play thing?

Who knows? But it definitely DOES appeal…

These photos were all taken from the internet and credit where credit is due. If you own any of these photos and would like them credited or removed then please contact me directly.

‘Alone II – Hogchained’ – a bondage interlude

Wearing only a skintight rubber t-shirt, rubber boxer shorts, rubber socks and football boots, ‘The Prisoner’ was locked into a tight chain hogtie and then strapped up. He was rubber hooded and ballgagged and then left on his own to ponder his predicament, life, the universe and everything…and the inside of the tight black rubber hood.

Alone II – Hogchained from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.